Star Chart for evaluation of the 2 Minute Test



Transfer the result of the 2 Minute Test into a star chart (radar chart). This will reveal your own strengths and weaknesses. Free of charge.



You can evaluate the result of the 2 Minute Test graphically.


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Star Chart - Example of a Personality Profile

Free of charge: Create your own Star Chart

Download the star chart (radar chart) free of charge as an Excel or PDF file. Then you only need to transfer the result of the 2 Minute Test. You will then get an overview of your strengths and weaknesses.



  • Download the Excel file (→Download) and enter the result of the 2 Minute Test in % Values. Excel will then automat­ically generate the star chart (radar chart). (May not work with older Excel versions.)
  • Alternatively, you can download the PDF file (→Download), print it out and draw the values of the 2 Minute Test manually into the chart.