Who is behind Enneastar and the 2 Minute Test? On this page Markus Brunner (developer of Enneastar) introduces himself. He can be reached via the contact form.



Enneastar was developed by Markus Brunner.





Markus Brunner

Markus Brunner – developer of Enneastar

Enneastar was discovered by Markus Brunner (born in 1963). After a personal reorientation he decided to become a Salvation Army officer (pastor of the Salvation Army). He studied at the Salvation Army training center in Switzerland, later part-time at the Institute IGW (Master in practical theology). After 20 years of service he spent a year of study in the USA. Afterwards he completed his training as an adult educator (instructor with a federal certificate).


Today Markus leads – together with his wife – the "Eastern Division" of the Salvation Army Switzerland, based in Zurich. Before that, they developed a pioneer project in Lucerne (5 years). They spent a large part of their service in Basel, where they led the "Salvation Army Gundeli" for 15 years (1997-2012) and founded a day structure for school children with the nearby primary school. They started their service in the Salvation Army Munsingen near Bern (1993-1997).


Markus Brunner sails with a dinghy

Markus Brunner understands faith in Jesus Christ as friendship with God and speaks in this context of biblical spirituality. He trusts in the Spirit of God, which he experiences as God's wind that sets our lives in motion.


Markus teaches at the training center of the Salvation Army Switzerland. After becoming familiar with the Enneagram through literature and courses, he developed the personality course Enneastar, which he has been recommending as a tool for personal development since 2015.


Eva and Markus Brunner

Markus Brunner: "Enneastar owes its development to many encouraging but also critical supporters. Especially my wife (social worker with a federal certificate, Salvation Army officer) is an important part of the small team (photo). Other people, from inside and outside the Salvation Army, came in alternately for different tasks and missions. A heartfelt thank you to all of them!"


new perspectives

The special talent of Markus is the ability to see and describe things from unusual and new perspectives. He brings this his passion into the further development of the Enneagram through the personality course Enneastar. The Christmas stories in his Christmas book (in german) also bear witness to this talent.






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